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29 October 2009


WHEN: Saturday, October 31, 2009 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Costumed folks from this blog and other black bloggers across the city will meet in front of Pearl Paint at 308 Canal Street then at 6:00pm we will Line-Up to enter on 6th Avenue South of Spring Street and North of Canal between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. If you miss us remeber to ONLY enter the line-up on 6th Ave. from the East and South between Canal and Spring!

This NYC Village Halloween Parade is listed in all major "To Do" lists for events around the World, therefore, it MUST be put on our list!!!!

Instead of cramming on the sidelines 20 feet and 9 people deep from the curb, LET'S WALK WITH THE PARADE! I hear it's even better viewing & experience walking along! All they ask is that you slap on a costume! You don't even have to buy one... be creative and make one! lol All Those in Costume are Welcome to Join Hundreds of Puppets, 53 Bands of Different Types of Music, Dancers and Artists, and Thousands of other New Yorkers in Costumes of their Own Creation in the Nation’s Most Wildly Creative Public Participatory Event in the Greatest City in the World !

* The Parade runs STRAIGHT up 6th Ave. from Spring Street to 21st Street *

The streets are most crowded between Bleecker and 14th Street.

AFTER EVENT ....... Most NYC venues like to charge on Halloween night since everyone is out and about. Since you're all dressed up for a New York Halloween Night on the town, I suggest buying advance tickets for one of the parade sponsors:

* The Official NYC Parade Afterparty @ WEBSTER HALL *
123 East 11th Street (get off the parade route and head to the venue)

MUSIC ALL NIGHT, Entertainment: With flames blazing & twirling about, witness the virgin sacrifice ritual in honor of awakening the Halloween Queen. All shall bow to the beautiful Queen and her sexy Dancers as they emerge from their dark slumber. Your eyes will never be same! Doors open @ 8pm

2:00am: famous $5000 Halloween costume contest chosen from the crowd! The costume categories are: 1. Scariest 2. Sexiest 3. Funniest 4. Most original/wild card. The top winner from each of the 4 categories will compete for the grand, first & second prizes. In addition to the main stage line up, all four massive levels of Webster Hell will possess spooky surprise and atmospheric performers. Be ready to expect the unexpected!

If anyone hears of any good free after-parade events, please post a comment! :-)

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