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14 June 2009

Support a New Play HAPA Playwrite/Director/Actress

When: June 23 8:00 pm
Where: Brick Theatre
575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Big Girls Club (Happy Dance Dance Princess Show) features a wonderful up and coming Hapa actress named Lisa Bierman in a leading role, and is written by hapa director/playwright Leah Winkler, who is also a member of our meetup!

It's a girls' night in for Lisa, Katie and Nancy. All they want is to be happy. But as they gorge themselves on unhealthy food and BUTTERFACE! the TV Show, the night escalates into a sadistic game of truth or dare that reveals a shockingly surrealistic glimpse to their disturbing world. Big Girls Club (Happy Dance Dance Princess Show) is a play on uppers, exploring excess, fetishism and female cruelty propelled by our ever schizophrenic and media frenzied culture.
....It's a comedy.

For more details and to buy tickets:

Group Discount:
Leah has kindly worked with the theater to set up a group rate exclusively for our group! By entering the online discount code "meetup", you can get tickets for a discounted price of $10 for the next 2 performances.

***Disclaimer - the show is rated R***

We will also be meeting up for drinks at a nearby location following the performance with the writer, director, and cast members. Location details to follow.

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