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09 February 2009

Love Stinks: The Anti-Valentine Event **open bar** and ** free admission**

When: 13 Feb 2009
Where: Sin Sin and the Leopard Lounge
248 E 5th Street
New York, NY 10003
What: David Greene and I invite you our annual Love Stinks party: The Anti valentine event. Cupid is stupid, shooting people in the a$$ with arrows is illegal in most states, do it with smooth conversation and drinks we say.

If you are single, not a big fan of valentine's day, dont believe in cupid, think love stinks or just want to meet new people then this event is 4 U my friend.

Light back ground music will be played by own DJ Freddy Retro. You will hear house, techno, top 40 and yes anti-love songs! No slow jams tonight my brother. Later on in the night we will crank up the music a bit. Come dance, lounge, mingle, drink, eat, meet that special someone, make new friends, trade in your old ones, whatever....

Psychic in the House:
The psychic of love and happiness will be in the house. Find out truths of the past and present.

Open Bar:
One full hour of love potion vodka drinks from 8-9pm on both levels. (Tip the bartender people)

Note: Many times open bar is posted in other meetup groups, keep in mind that I specially posted the exact time when the free drinks are given and its not at 6-7PM, when half of the crowd arrives. Open bar 8-9PM, this is prime time baby!

Two Floors:
Free admission and we will again have the entire two floors of this cool venue.

Who will be there:
Meet members of all of David Greene's groups as well as of of my Meetup groups. Also joining us are elite members from and

Friday the 13th
The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Always an interesting night out on the town on this day. Join us, we promise fun times!

Begins at 6PM and will continue well into the early morning hours of 1-2AM

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