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15 January 2009

Inauguration Day AM-PM Party in NYC

When: Jan 20 10 AM

Where: Underground Lounge
              955 West End Ave.

For those that will not be traveling to DC to watch the event live, we invite you to join us uptown for an all day social to celebrate and watch this historic event!!!

Come join us at 10am, as the Inauguration Day festivities begin. View the parade and the DC festivities on the projector screen, while enjoying music, drinks, and great conversation. Dance, shoot pool, network and even play spades while watching the parade, and the events after the historic swearing in ceremony.

If you can't make it to DC in person, but want to take the day off to celebrate and see history in the making, and to meet new and like minded people, we would love to see you there!

****The party starts early for those celebrating the events of the entire day, but we will also have an afterwork toast and gathering from 4pm-8pm in the back of the lounge in the private room as well. So, if you plan on staying for the entire day, or plan on stopping by afterwork, you can still watch the DC events as they replay on the projector screen in the back, while we drink, socialize, dance and celebrate this milestone event!!!****

Please note the details below:

Free admission all day for the event.
Event starts at 10am (time television coverage starts in DC) and ends at 8pm
$4 Well Drinks
$4 Domestic Beers/$5 Imported Beers
$6 Wine per Glass/ $30 per Bottle
**Optional $10 Brunch Buffet**

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